Monday, October 22, 2012

Where I've been for the last two months

It's been two months since my last post. During this time I've been very active on the Stack Exchange IT Security site, under the equinym "David Wachtfogel" (an equinym is a pseudonym which is equal to the real name).

Stack Exchange is a moderated Q&A site. There are several advantages to posting answers on Stack Exchange compared to posting blogs on my own blog site, including:
  • Wider distribution. There are more people in the Stack Exchange audience than there are in my blog's.
  • Peer review: There are some great people active on Stack Exchange who will review your work and give good feedback.
  • Topics: Answering other peoples' question means I don't need to come up with topics for posts.
Another advantage is that by following the Stack Exchange site I learn a lot from others on the site on subjects that I wouldn't have thought of looking up otherwise.

On the other hand Stack Exchange does cramp my style a little. It's a serious site so there's less room for humor. To get recognized it's usually important to respond quickly, which leaves less time to polish the post. So I do plan to continue posting to this blog when appropriate - and I'm currently working on my next post.

Following are links to some of my contributions to the Stack Exchange IT Security site. Read them, but don't stop there - there is a lot of great material on the site posted by people like Thomas Pornin, Polynomial and D.W.

I also found an interesting bug in MDK3.

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